Revelation and Me.

As we were growing up, seldom did a day pass that we didn’t eat as a family together. When I was nine years old and my parents divorced, both my Mom and Dad kept the family dinner alive, fumbling at first, but slowly finding the way.

To this day, shared meals are something that I both adore and consider very important. The act of getting together with those that you love, those that you’re getting to know, those that perhaps you don’t love quite yet, but might some day, is a ritual I hold dear.

I have always enjoyed cooking, but have admittedly not always been particularly good at it. Ply me with enough wine and I might tell you the tale of the night I served undercooked chicken bobbing in water with little bits of corn floating to the top. Another glass and I might admit to how I got the scar on my upper left arm where somehow in an attempt to remove a pan of croutons from the oven I ended up flinging it in the air and catching the 45o degree dish with my biceps.

Yes, I have not always been a graceful or delicate cook, but a few years ago I decided that god dammit, I was going to learn how to be a great cook. Life sometimes falls apart at our feet, things don’t always go as we plan, we often aren’t sure what we want or how to get there, but no matter how crazy, how maddening, how overwhelming life is, one can always just…

Shut up and Cook.

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19 responses to “Me

  1. How did I overlook this talent! My kind of cooking. I have to share this with you: long ago in the early days of my managing Bon Appetit Fine Cookware in Phila. when Julia Child was just getting famous, I decided to cook through both volumes of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I was in heaven until I got to the chapter on organ meats and flunked kidney cooking. That put a real damper on my enthusiasm for my task. Eventually, I learned to love what I love and cook and bake what I love and forgo the really weird and exasperatingly tedious recipes (other than the cherished 13 page French bread recipe). Bon appetit, Cat

  2. abbie sewall

    Great blog, Erina!

    Hat’s off to you for making a commitment to the art of sensual eating and sharing friendship, love and family. If we don’t stop this treadmill long enough to enjoy a nightly meal or afternoon picnic, no one will do it for us.

    Hooray and much love always, abbie

  3. Lori

    Really love the stories! Nico’s foster mommy. Sniff, sniff.

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  5. sam

    I found your blog while browsing the comments of another blog. I must say, I LOVE your writing style! Your are such a wonderful storyteller and I’m glad to be a newfound reader. Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Erina

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I always love to have new readers!

      What are some of your other favorite food blogs? It’s fun to find new ones!

  6. I love your blog title! So glad I stumbled onto your site. (Now I’m a new follower.)

  7. Hi Erina! Just nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. 🙂 Here’s the link:

  8. Hi! Just found your site- great stories and recipes! You seem like a very nice person!

  9. And you RIDE too?? Ok, I am definately following your lovely blog. Adore.


  10. I found your blog from the comment section of another blog. I must say that you have a lovely space and I am loving your writing style. I enjoyed reading through your posts and I am sure I will be back for more recipes.

  11. I moved from the Seattle area (Issaquah) 5 years ago and do miss so much of Seattle’s food scene. I look forward to following your blog and keeping a little connection to some of the things I love most about Seattle – the food and the people! – Cheers

    • Great to hear from you! Where are you now? Issaquah is beautiful, that’s for sure.

      I’ll be certain to get in enough Seattle shout-outs to keep you interested! Looking forward to checking out your blog as well. Take care!

  12. Hi
    All the best

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