Random Things

…as all good blogs should have, I’ve decided to incorporate the slightly random section where you can learn a bit more about me, your fearless blogger.

Favorite Restaurants in Seattle (in no particular order…because that would be way too hard)

  1. Verve Wine Bar – Fabulous food, great setting, and a retail wine shop with a wonderful selection.
  2. Mashiko Sushi Bar – The url for this restaurant’s website is sushiwhore.com, need I say more?
  3. Huarachitos Mexican Taqueria – Best fish tacos in Seattle
  4. Maximilien – A darling little french restaurant tucked away in Pike Place Market
  5. Rovers – Utterly indulgent and exquisite. Start saving your pennies.
  6. Barolo – Best happy hour in town.
  7. La Medusa – A darling little Sicilian restaurant smack dab in the heart of Columbia City. It’s been here for years…long before the neighborhood got hip.

And if you find yourself on the East Coast…

  1. Sushi Thai Garden – Fantastic thai food + sushi in Saratoga Springs New York
  2. Roma – Worlds. Best. Sandwiches. Period.
  3. Ithaki – Exquisite Greek food in a delightful little town in Massachusetts called Ipswich.

What I’m currently reading:

The Book Thief 

Weird things I like to do (a.k.a – embarrassing things about me only good friends and family should know, unless you choose to post it on your blog in which case everyone knows…)

  1. Napping. I am a champion napper. This in and of itself isn’t weird, except that when napping I like to be CRAZY and lay in opposite directions in the bed so that it feels like more of a treat. Kind of lame…I know.
  2. Jump around my bed on one foot on the first of each month shouting, “Rabbit, rabbit!” in hopes of good luck for the month.
  3. Pretend I’m a horse sometimes while walking in downtown Seattle and canter up the sidewalk.
  4. Organize my outfits for the entire month so each morning all I have to do is grab a hanger from my closet.
  5. Eat ghetto grilled cheese (white bread and fake cheese) while drinking a really nice bottle of wine when home alone.
  6. Eat stale popcorn.

8 responses to “Random Things

  1. madeline

    I concur – Sushi/Thai = the best! Yum, yum, yum and more yum.

  2. Anne

    1. I do the same thing when I nap.
    2. I’m stealing your #4. Brilliant.

  3. I can’t believe I don’t know about the beat fish tacos in Seattle! I can’t wait to try them!

    • Erina

      Ahhh, Emmy, I have to pull them off this list…they burned down and we recently learned they will not be reopneing…so sad. You’ll have to try my fish taco recipe instead which is fortunately a not so distant second.

  4. Martha

    Oh goodness! You are truly awesome 🙂 RABITT RABITT

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